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Big Bear Box

A Beary Good Kitchen Set Big Bear Box

A Beary Good Kitchen Set Big Bear Box

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The perfect Kitchen Set for every bear lover

We might love bears more than most, but this bear kitchen set has something to delight everyone. The set includes: Bear Hands Oven Mitts, which can insulate your hands against heat. They are bearry cute. This set also includes the not only practical but lovable Bear Salt and Pepper Shakers--a great addition to any bear-loving home. Completing this box is a set of  Bear Paw Print Coasters with storage holder that will charm you and your guests every time. 

This set contains:

  • Bear Hands Cotton Oven Mitts (2)
  • Bear Salt and Pepper Shakers 
  • Bear Paw Print Three (3) Coaster Set and Storage Holder
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