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Big Bear Box

Dog Lover's Tea Big Bear Box

Dog Lover's Tea Big Bear Box

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Tea For Two + Four Legged Friend

For the dog lover who wants to include their furry companion in tea time we have the Dog Lover's Tea Box. This set includes a mug for you and a drinking bowl for your furry companion inscribed with "I'm a Dog Person" and "I'm a People Dog", respectively. This set also includes peppermint tea and a "hot dog" tea infuser (in the shape of a dog). Plus one plush furry doggie. 

Dog Lover's Tea Box: 

  • "I'm a Dog Person" Mug  and" I'm a People Dog" dog feed bowl
  • Hot Dog Tea Infuser 
  • Colonial Remedies Peppermint Tea Leaves
  • Plush Doggie 



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