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Big Bear Box

Fishing Lovers Big Bear Box

Fishing Lovers Big Bear Box

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For the avid fisher, that can not wait until the next moment to fish. 

  • Sterling Silver Natural History Osteichthyes (a type of fish)  Fishbone Pendant (small 1" tall) 
  • Hook and Sinker Enamel Mugs (2)
  • Here Fishy Fishy Fishy Sign
  • Stone Coasters with funny fishing Sayings: 
    • Weekend Forecast Mostly Drunkwith a Chance Of Fishing
    • Drinking and Fishing, What Else is There?
    • Good Things Come to Those that Bait
    • Cast Away Your Troubles Go Fishing

What do you say to wish a fisherman a good catch? Is there a version of "break a leg?" ..... "Fall in the water?" 



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