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Big Bear Box

Grilling Open Season

Grilling Open Season

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For your grilling fan. Something new for their toolbox. Something to make their heart sing, when one's  favorite position is close to the heat. Some people like it hot, so there's some spice to go with it. And for sure there is no road kill in the spice, you provide that. 

  • Leather Coozy and Mason Jar Mug with Compass. Beautifully crafted leather cow hide with embossed compass. Hand crafted.
  • Extendable spatula with bear print. Extends up to 3 ft. 
  • Road Kill Grill Seasonings: ingredients, salt, spices, black pepper, garlic, paprika, natural smoke flavor, soybean oil, silicon dioxide (anticaking) 

A gift you give to yourself or your partner. 

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