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Big Bear Box

Meryl Muse Big Bear Box

Meryl Muse Big Bear Box

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For the friends that are with you for the long haul. Through thick and thin, spoken and unspoken. Things said and things that never need expression. One wise enough to lead others in the way to walk softly and live with the universe. A role model in overcome incredible obstacles.  These are the friends we are inspired  by. Meryl is fed by the spiritual  and combines East and West to aid in health.  Green because it is the color of healing and nature, she embraces vibrant  color in her home and in her dress.  A nice large mug with a bear that represents open heart and open home and conversations that last longer than the beverage.  The center of many people's orbit Meryl is often the hub. For all friends that represent all of these qualities. 

  • Outdoor metalworks 18 k plated pendant and 18 k gold chain from Outdoor Metalworks
  • Ecofriendly Lunch Bag Carry All "Itsy Bitsy Lush Bag"
  • Green glazed and earthen wear Mug with Bear
  • Mountain Candle Holders Bear Paw Print and Bear in Woods
  • Set of six votive candles.


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