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Native Plant Workshop

Learn to use native plants in your garden and landscaping

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DATE AND TIME: MAY 16, 2021, 10AM-12PM

In this workshop you will learn the importance of native plants and how to utilize them in your garden or landscape. We will be rolling up our sleeves and do some planting, part lecture part actual gardening in an area of the Big Bear Property that was once completely taken over by invasives. The workshop will be led by Anna Davis and Ross Heutmaker from A Garden in Thyme, the master gardeners responsible for some of the historic gardens at Washington's Crossing Historic Park. Over the past year Garden in Thyme has been working to remediate the area to establish a native ecosystem. Bring gardening gloves and a spade and come in comfortable work clothing, and bring water. Afterward, if you want to bring a picnic lunch you are welcome to stay and enjoy a socially distant lunch on the grounds. The workshop will be held in a covid-friendly manner, wearing masks and keeping social distancing. In partnership with Nectar's Nursery we will be offering plants for sale for you to head home and do your own native planting.

Anna is an Ethnobotanist with a background in Anthropology and Herbal Medicine. She has 7 years experience in Historical Horticulture and a lifetime of gardening. Ravenous for learning experiences, she is continually growing the vast knowledge of plants, plant medicine, and historic landscapes. Her personal goal is to enhance humanity’s experience of beauty and pleasure through reconnection with the natural world.

Ross developed a love of plants as a young boy, when he would collect and dry various plants to create “potions”, and enjoyed nibbling on “onion grass” from the front yard. He delighted in learning how food could be grown from the soil. He studied philosophy at the College of New Jersey, with a concentration in environmental ethics. His thesis focused on the importance of land stewardship in agriculture, arguing against an extraction based model and promoting more holistic methods that integrate animal husbandry with crop production. Shortly after graduation, he began getting his hands dirty, working for an organic landscaping company, growing his own vegetables, and designing gardens for private clients.

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