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Big Bear Box

Armageddon Survival Camping Big Bear Box

Armageddon Survival Camping Big Bear Box

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I know I know I know. All you survivalists out there are like "I told you so!".

If you had to head out into the wilderness today with a tent, how prepared would you be? This is for the new to prepping, preppers.  This would give you a pretty good start on survival.  Now all we  need is a barber  in a bottle.

From Coghlans

  •  Travel Bottle Set: Food Grade Silicon Hange from Backpack
  •  Airhorn
  •  Light Stick 12 hr. (2) 
  •  9"  Tent Pegs (6) 
  •  First Aid Kit
  • Tick Remover
  • Emergency Poncho
  •  Compass can be read in the dark.
  • Survival Candle three wicks 36 hour life.
  • Sportsman Pocket Saw Compact all purpose: Get out of Jail. 
  • Emergency Poncho
  • Chow Kit: Fork Knife Spoon 
  • Storm Matches: Windproof and waterproof
  • Dynamo Flashlight: No batteries required. 1" x 1.5"
  • Magnesium Fire Starter. Start a fire from kindling and a spark only. Cave men would have been proud. 
  • Telescopic Fly Swatter 18"
  • Waterproof Aluminum Capsule
  • Wilcor Stainless Steel Blade Collapsable.
  • Wilcor all purpose camping set. Knife fork spoon, bottle opener. (the latter being very important)
  • Wilcor Survival Rope: Splint, Arm Sling, Tourniquet, Fishing line, Clothsline, Hunting snare, all in an emergency bracelet. 
  • Compact Mosquito Head Net (soooo important. Believe me)
  • Backpacker's Trowel other manufacturers

  • Rumpl Shammy Towel 25" x 48" lightweight packable towel for life on the go.
  •  Survival Waterproof Playing cards


  • Sparklers, because survival is fun!
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