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Big Bear Box

Yasmeen Muse Big Bear Box

Yasmeen Muse Big Bear Box

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For Dog, Cat and Beer lovers. My muse for this box was  Yasmeen A. a good friend who always is there and  keeps me sane. Often zany and off the wall, full of life experience and honest to goodness truth. No holds barred so darn refreshing. one you never have to pretend you're something you are not, or put on airs. Come as you are, tell the things you were embarrassed to tell anyone and know your secret is safe.  Someone that is truly talented and funny.  This was inspired by her love of comfort and ability to tame animals large and small. A salute to friends that are there through thick and thin. 

  • Socksmith Socks "Cat in a Box" Fits most sizes
  • Fred hot dog tea infuser
  • Fred Coffee Cup " Fierce " with cat print
  • Oliver Pluff and Company No. 4 Chamomile loose tea
  • Stanley 16 oz. Beer Pint Cup 
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