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Big Bear Gear Team

  Michael Ehrenreich, Owner
  • Michael is a dermatologist and founder of SOMA Skin and Laser with offices in Millburn and Paramus.
  • Created board games Start Up and Election.
  • Designer of the Zigo Leader Carrier bicycle.
  • Interests: Hiking, kayaking, building rustic furniture, biking, trail building, travel, music.
  • Something you may not know about him: He wrote three musicals: Medicine the Musical, The War and Hooked.
  • Favorite Place: Lambertville, NJ.
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Mission at Big Bear Gear: Dreaming the big dream
Rebecca Gelman, Owner
  • Rebecca is a licensed architect  specializing in residential homes and historic renovation.
  • Co Dreamer with her husband Michael Ehrenreich.
  • Volunteers for beautification and storefront programs and serves on the boards of various organizations. 
  • Pastimes: Hiking, kayaking, biking, art, spending time with family, exploring new places along the Delaware River.
  • Something you may not know about her: She speaks Italian and lived in Hong Kong and Italy for five years.
  • Favorite Place: Lambertville, NJ.
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Moose Tracks
  • Mission at Big Bear Gear: Creating a fun in-store experience and connecting with customers and the community.
John Rembilas, Manager
  • John is a photographer and an amateur music producer.
  • interests: skateboarding, hiking, kayaking
  • Favorite Hike: Jim Thorpe, Glen Onoko Falls Trail.
  • Favorite Place: Papau New Guinea
  • Likes to be: Anywhere that there is water
  • Mission at Big Bear: To provide a great customer experience
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Something you don’t know about him: He enjoys making homemade hot sauce and artisanal cheese.
Chris Lomasch, Assistant Manager and Director of Outdoor Education and Events

Rebecca Fisher, Associate

  • Interests: Road biking in New Jersey, hiking, traveling, reading and petting dogs.
  • Favorite Place: Upstate New York! Find Rebecca on her time off hiking in the Catskills and exploring waterfalls by the Finger Lakes.
  • Mission at Big Bear Gear: Helping you get outside. Whether it's on a bike or a kayak, she wants you to explore the great outdoors.
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate
  • Something you don’t know about her: Rebecca has been a tour guide in Philadelphia for the last five years. She has given bike, walking and trolley tours.

Aiden Ehrenreich, Associate and Farm Stand Manager

  • Interests: Kayaking, hiking, biking, reading, playing board games and hanging out with friends. he also enjoys robotics, library leadership, travel, model UN and working with differently abled youth. 
  • Favorite Hike: Ein Gedi, Israel.
  • Favorite Place: Lambertville, NJ.
  • Mission at Big Bear Gear: Establishing and running the Farm Market.
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Cookies and Cream
  • Something you don’t know about him: He likes to cook once in a while and he's pretty good at it. 
Zach Ehrenreich, Associate
  • Interests: Kayaking, hiking and biking. Also cars, motorcycles, computers, watches and outdoor gear.
  • Favorite Hike: Goat Hill
  • Favorite Place: Home
  • Mission at Big Bear Gear: To expand our offerings of beginner experiences and classes, and researching gear. 
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: "I prefer eating chocolate bars" 
  • Something you don’t know about him: He sails and he's a "techie." 

Mia Nociolo, Associate

  • Interests: Surfing, skiing, diving, paddle boarding, working out at the gym, watching criminal minds and other cop shows, pole vaulting, high jumping, hurdling & spending time with friends
  • Favorite place: Quepos, Costa Rica. It’s the most beautiful town with blue waters and beautiful scenery. Enjoys cliff jumping, white water rafting, and other extreme sports!
  • Mission at Big Bear Gear: To make a friendly and happy environment for all of our customers as well as inspire people to spend more time outside!
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Fudge Brownie
  • Something you don’t know about her: My sister and I jumped 50 foot cliffs in Costa Rica when we were only 12 and 9 years old. It’s our favorite thing to do on vacation now

Joel Coyne, Paddling Instructor and Environmental Outreach Coordinator

  • Advocate for Environmental causes. Volunteer for The Sourland Conservancy and The Watershed Institute.
  • Life long paddler and avid canoeist.
  • Paddles through the Wing Dam on a regular basis for fun. (don’t try this at home)
  • Interests: Biking, hiking, paddling, music, birding and traveling.
  • Favorite Place: Somewhere in the middle of the Delaware River (exact location not to be disclosed)
  • Mission at Big Bear Gear: To get people on the water and to teach  stewardship.
  • Donates his Big Bear Gear earnings to The Sourland Conservancy by gifting a copy of “Seeing the Sourlands” to students.