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Where to Tube

Where To Tube Near Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA 

River Tube

Delaware River Tubing Near Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA



For Delaware River tubing, Big Bear Gear River Tubing operates a tube rental and shuttle service from Kingwood, NJ, offering a 5 mile float down a beautiful stretch of the Delaware River.

But you can go river tubing on the lower Delaware River pretty much anyplace that you can get in and out of the river from public land. There are many locations along the Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park where you can access the river; you don’t necessarily need to be at one of the  boat launch sites (5 within the park on the New Jersey side. Kingwood, Byram, Bull’s Island, Lambertville, Fireman’s Eddy.) There are also launch points further north in Frenchtown and Riegelsville where you can go Delaware River Tubing. See the Delware River Waterways map for further details. Be aware of the wing dam between Lambertville and Fireman’s Eddy and the wing dam just south of Byram. You will need to portage over or around these.

From Big Bear Gear, you can start at Fireman’s Eddy, across the road, and float to Washington’s Crossing State Park. 

Big Bear Gear River Tubing offers Delaware River Tubing rentals and transportation service, but it is very easy to buy your own river tubes at Big Bear Gear and organize your own float.

The lower Delaware River is ideal for a day of relaxing river tubing, with only a few gentle rapids encountered in most areas.

Bike & Tube Adventure. It's easy to combine a bike and river tubing outing. 

  • Rent a bike and bike rack from Big Bear Gear, and install on your car.
  • Drive down to either the Titusville Boat Ramp or Washington's Crossing and leave your car.
  • Cycle back to Big Bear Gear and return your bikes.
  • Buy a tube from Big Bear Gear and launch at Fireman's Eddy across the road.
  • Float down to your car.
  • Load the tubes into your car and return to Big Bear Gear.
  • Return bike rack.

We sell river tubes and floats at the Big Bear Gear store. For tube rental and shuttle, the Big Bear Gear River Tubing Center is located in Kingwood, about 15 miles up river.



To best enjoy your day on the water, keep the following in mind:

  • If you are not using a tube rental and shuttle service, make sure you have two cars: one at the start and one where you plan to exit the water. A common river tubing route starts at Fireman’s Eddy across from Big Bear Gear and exits at Washington’s Crossing State Park for a 5 mile float (stay to the New Jersey side of the river, and get out before the bridge). For a shorter float (Approximately 3.7 miles), exit at the access ramp before Titusville (this is not an official boat launch, but an emergency launch ramp operated by Hopewell Township).
  • Review a map of the river before you head out.
  • Make sure you have a dry box or dry bag with you with valuables, keys, cell phone, identification and anything else you want with you. Strap it to yourself securely.
  • Wear a flotation device at all times.
  • Check the river gauge at Trenton  and check the local weather and be certain conditions are safe for tubing. It is your responsibility to know when it is safe to go out on the water. 
  • You can can also check the river flow at Rieglesville. To check the gauge height at Rieglesville  follow the  western border of New Jersey. Rieglesville is approximately 1/3rd of the way down. Click on Rieglesville and information will appear at the bottom of the page identifying “low” (red) “below normal” (orange), “normal” (green), “above average” (blue) and “high” (black) water conditions.
  • Wear sunscreen and reapply frequently.
  • Bring water and snacks. Bring a floating cooler so that you are prepared for the day.
  • Wear a whistle and use it in case of emergency or to warn others.