Hiking Injury Prevention and Treatment

Stay out longer and safer by learning proper warm-up and cool-down routines,


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About this experience

Join us for an informative session on hiking injury prevention and treatment. Whether you're an experienced hiker or just starting out, this class will equip you with essential knowledge to stay safe and healthy on the trails.  Licensed Physical Therapists will be holding this informative one hour workshop on preventing and treating hiking related injuries at Big Bear Gear. 

Topics Covered:

1. Common Hiking Injuries: We'll delve into the most frequent hiking injuries, with a focus on ankle-related issues, which are prevalent among hikers. Additionally, we'll explore other common injuries and their causes.

2. Prevention Strategies: Learn effective strategies to minimize the risk of injuries while hiking. From proper footwear selection to trail safety tips, we'll cover essential preventive measures to keep you safe on your outdoor adventures.

3. Treatment Techniques: In the unfortunate event of an injury, knowing how to administer first aid can make a significant difference. We'll discuss basic treatment techniques for common hiking injuries, including ankle sprains and strains.

4. Stretches and Exercises: Prepare your body for the demands of hiking with targeted stretches and exercises. Discover pre-hike warm-up routines and learn exercises to strengthen key muscle groups, enhancing your stability and reducing the likelihood of injuries.

Interactive Session: This class will include interactive elements, allowing participants to engage with the material and ask questions. Share your own experiences and learn from fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

Tailored Content: While we'll cover essential topics, we're also open to tailoring the content based on your interests and concerns. Feel free to suggest specific areas you'd like us to address, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Whether you're planning a day hike or a multi-day trek, investing in your hiking safety is crucial. Join us for this empowering session and embark on your outdoor adventures with confidence!

Gianna Bigliani Cetkowski, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Dr. Bigliani has been helping people with pain, athletes of all levels, busy professionals, parents and grandparents who have been avoiding activities they love. She specializes in treating people with chronic conditions, injuries and pain who have not been able to respond to other traditional treatments. Her goal is to maximize everyone’s performance with a holistic approach that connects body, mind and emotions.

Easton Reedenmeyer, PT, DPT, AIB-VRC

With his long standing personal experience with sports, Easton has a passion for treating sport related injuries, including treating concussions. He also has a passion for treating balance and vestibular patients which has helped him to understand that the treatment must be focused on the person as a whole, not just their disease or injury.