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American Red Cross - Crank Powered Flashlight Clipray

American Red Cross - Crank Powered Flashlight Clipray

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This crank-powered, clip-on flashlight, and smartphone charger is a compact but mighty tool that will make sure you always have light and power in an emergency situation – with no batteries required. Simply turn the crank for one minute to get 10 minutes of use from the three powerful LED lights within. You can also connect your smartphone or small electronic devices to the Clipray via a USB cord and charge them in an emergency. The attached carabiner clip makes it easy to carry on your belt or backpack. Its portable size makes the Clipray ideal for any kind of outdoor adventure, while its potentially life-saving utility makes it a must for any emergency preparedness kit. Made for the American Red Cross by Eton, a company that has specialized in battery-less emergency supplies for over 40 years.

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