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Firefly - 500 Insects a Visual Reference

Firefly - 500 Insects a Visual Reference

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"Incorporating several newly identified species, this insect field guide provides single-page entries describing 500 of the world's reported one million recognized varieties. The detail of each full-color, highly magnified photograph is so stunning that, if you're not fond of bugs, it will doubtlessly incite your flight reflex. Nevertheless, the vivid photographic detail is essential to the book's scientific value: nothing is lost in creative translation.... Highly recommended for entomology collections."
--Library Journal

Fascinating insects from around the world, including some newly discovered species.

Insects account for more than half of the approximately 1.7 million named species of all living things. The number of insect species yet undiscovered runs into many further millions.

Stephen Marshall has selected 500 of the most interesting insects from his travels to North and South America, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Beautiful photographs show the insects in their natural habitats, and informative "factfiles" provide further details about the lives of these fascinating creatures. Some of the insects are new species, photographed here for the first time.

In addition to the entries for each of the species, there is an introduction on insect biology, classification and distribution, along with information on collecting and photographing insects.

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