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Kelty - Lowdown Chair

Kelty - Lowdown Chair

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The lowest, quaintest little chair that provides comfort and relaxation anywhere! Whether toasting marshmallows around the campfire, spending a day at your favorite music festival, or relaxing at the beach, the super comfortable Kelty Lowdown Chair allows you to take a load off just about anywhere. The Lowdown Chair has been constructed to offer a slightly reclined designed for increased comfort, along with a durable steel frame and adjustable insulated beverage holder. Plus, the new Roll-Tote carry bag makes the chair easier to pack and doubles as a firewood/gear tote. Enjoy a whole new level of relaxation in the Lowdown.

  • Durable chair for living room-like comfort outdoors
  • Steel frame and polyester seat boost longevity
  • Adjustable arm rests make sure you feel at home
  • Insulted beverage holder keeps your drink cold
  • 12in seat height keeps you out of the dirt and comfy
  • Totable style gives you decent range from the car
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