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Lambertville and New Hope

Lambertville and New Hope

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The tiny pocket of land on which they sit borders the Delaware River on the east and west, and it is this famous waterway that has fostered life as far back as the days when the Lenni Lenape fished and hunted here. Much has changed since the land was purchased by representatives of King Charles II in the late seventeenth century, but what continues to make Lambertville and New Hope special are their deep and enduring ties to the past. This intriguing visual history documents the proud heritage of these riverfront communities from the dawn of photography to the early 1900s through two hundred carefully selected images accompanied by detailed and informative text. Photography is perhaps the most remarkable of all our historic records because it brings history to life for so many people. The images collected for this book provide a window into the past that is both intimate and learned. One image tells of the human toil and ingenuity that went into the digging of the canal system, while another takes us into the carefree world of two young lovers setting out with parasol and oars to spend some quiet moments together on the Delaware in the Victorian era.

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