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South Bend - Spoons

South Bend - Spoons

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South Bend has a huge assortment of lures so you can adapt to fishing anywhere and in any conditions.


Spinner Classics: Packs of 3 popular colors in two sizes. Designed specifically for trout and panfish.

Trout & Panfish Spinners: Brass blades. Includes two size 0 blades 1/12 oz and four size 1 blades 1/8 oz

Spoon Assorted: Includes one 3/8 oz, one 1/32 oz, two 1/4 oz and one 1/16 spoons

Famous Spoons: Five famous style spoons in assorted sizes or finishes per package

Kast-A-Way Spoons: Unique balance and shape produces a dancing, shimmering action that has proven effective with all game fish.

Poppers Assorted: Great for Bass and Panfish

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