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Sticker Art - The Wolf Sticker

Sticker Art - The Wolf Sticker

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TRULY Dishwasher Safe, Waterproof and UV-proof stickers for your water bottle. 

These stickers typically last 5 years or more on the outside of a car window, bumper, or waterbottle. 

Made in America

There is a sticker story on the removable backing letting you know what inspired the illustration on the front along with credit to the illustrator. 

Each silkscreen sticker is run through the press 7 times! We add 3 clear coats of Gloss UV-protective ink on top of 4 passes of color. And aggressive adhesive so they stay where you stick them. This intense printing method, combined with our stunning artwork by talented illustrators, means these are the highest-quality stickers in the world. 

Most companies digitally print their stickers to save money - we went in the opposite direction. We think the quality of silkscreen printing on outdoor vinyl reflects the effort that goes into each illustration. This costs more money and time, but when you pick one of our stickers up or apply it, you'll be able to feel and see the difference. 

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