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The Delaware River Story - Water Wars, Trout Tales, and a River Reborn

The Delaware River Story - Water Wars, Trout Tales, and a River Reborn

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The Delaware River flows some 330 miles from its headwaters near Hancock, New York, to the mouth of the Delaware Bay. It is the longest free-flowing river east of the Mississippi and one of America’s most important rivers. Not only is it the primary water supply for New York City, but it provides clean drinking water to every home within a 150-mile radius. When the reservoirs were built on the East and West Branches, they disrupted the natural flows and turned nature upside down. The once-warm waterway now has cooler flows creating a self-sustaining wild trout population and establishing a modern-day fishing and boating industry to fuel the economy of the Upper Delaware River communities.

Protecting this important waterway—the clean drinking water, quality fishery, and recreational opportunities—has been a daunting task. There are many heroes, both living and dead, who have labored to keep its flows clean, healthy, and prosperous over the past four centuries. This book is about the individuals and organizations, who have, and are, sacrificing their time and effort to keep the Delaware River flowing free and clear without detriment to its flora and fauna.

Focusing on both the history and the author’s personal story in helping preserve the fishery, this book gives readers a colorful and unique perspective of what it’s like to fish the Delaware and how important it is to protect the cold-water fishery that is so valuable to the economy of the region.

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